Repair cafes are about building local capacity and skills in repair in local communities across Auckland.

Upcoming Events (updated 19th Feb 2018)

Saturday24th February, Western Springs Community Centre, 956 great north road, 10am-1pm.
Saturday 17th March Birkdale
Sunday 8th April, Browns Bay Community Garden.
Saturday 14th April Highbury house 110 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead.
Saturday 21st April, Glenfield Community Centre.
Saturday 19th May Bayview Primary School, 72 Bayview Road. 9am til Noon.



Please let us know if you would like to run a repair cafe in your community we have a trailer of resources and a manual for event planning to share 🙂

If you would like to host a Repair Cafe contact us by email

Some Information for Repair Cafe enthusiast

We would like to explain a bit about Repair Cafes. This initiative originates in Holland as a community response to our wasteful society and items once broken just even a tad go rather to the landfill instead of repair. One reason for this is that skilled experts need to make a living and have to charge often more than the price of new cheap items produced in a low wage country. This is where the Repair Cafe steps in with its sole volunteer free-of-charge from the community in the community for community approach. Some general information and great videos how they work all over the world can be seen here

Q and A  below.

Q: Is there a permanent Repair Cafe and where is it?

A: There is NO permanent Repair Cafe in Auckland. A small number of international examples may help to guide some New Zealanders to set up one along this example here

Q: When is the next one happening?

A: For those of you in Auckland it’s best to follow information shared through or through the website If you’re outside of Auckland then best to google, check meet-up or the international website

Q: Can I bring an item?

A: Yes you can but there’ no guarantee that a Repair Cafe have experts that have knowledge beyond general repair knowledge. In general, people appreciate an opinion of someone without financial interest.

Q: Can you dispose of my item if it is not repaired?

A: Absolutely not.  you have to take responsibility for your item.

Q: Are repairs really free?

A: There are several parts to this answer – yes, in general, they are free. If your repair item needs a specific replacement part, other than a screw or solder for example, then that is a cost the owner of the item has to bear.

Q: Does it cost to set one up?

A: If you live in Auckland, we hold three licenses and have negotiated with the Repair Cafe Head Office in Holland that this suffices to organize all to flow in Auckland.

Q: How can I set up a Repair Cafe or be involved in setting one up?

A: Just do it. We have a number of people who now have set up a few Repair Cafes and gathered a bit of experience. we are happy to share this experience with you.

Q: Can I be a helper or volunteer?

A: Absolutely yes. We are delighted that you are interested in helping Repair Cafes to thrive from a volunteer perspective. The volunteers are the most important part of this, no skilled volunteers no Repair Cafe.  We are currently building a simple Repair Cafe volunteer database. the overall goal is to find local skilled experts but the other goal is to include as many and diverse people in the process so they can spread “the bug” and potentially become a repairer in their own community.

Q: What is the best contact for the Auckland Repair Cafe?

A: Please email us here – or pass this email address on to a friend who wants to get in touch:

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to stay in touch, to think about organizing a Repair Cafe in your community and we will be happy to assist with advice as good as we can within our mainly volunteer roles.

Have a great Repair Cafe journey and maybe see you at one of the next ones.





Repair Café events

Hosting a Repair café event is an awesome idea that brings local people together, in a positive way to collaborate and fix broken items. Thus, reducing our dependence on landfill by developing a local community of repair skills and resources.

Creating and supporting local communities and educating about waste minimisation, are essential goals in sustainability, and supported by Auckland council who hope to be getting to zero waste by 2040.

This  Auckland repair café initiative is a collaboration between Auckland North Community & Development and Global Action Plan Oceania .We’re being supported by Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund, to

provide access to shared resources and knowledge that can be used by other organizations and community groups to establish and run Repair Cafes in their own neighbourhoods.”

We’ve already  acquired the shared resources that are available to community groups to assist with events that they run. These include an Auckland Repair Café “how to” manual, a trailer to hold equipment such as a portable appliance tester, safety equipment, and for some events access to a certified electrical appliance tester at events, and tag and test training for some community volunteers .

The key to the success of a Repair cafe event is the recruitment and engagement of skilled, passionate and inspired local volunteers who are passionate about the idea and wanting to be part of it.

We need you, and your community to do this! so get a group together, select an event manager. Organise some volunteers

When you have an idea of a date for your event then email us and we will supply resources in a trailer, certified appliance tester if available for 2 hours. And possibly some Tag and Test training.

Please get in contact via email ,and check out the next event  on the Calendar.


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.